The Jazz Club Experience

If you’ve ever been to Dazzle, the Denver jazz club, or a jazz club in another city, you already know the experience is completely different. At a jazz club, people listen intently to the music. They don’t talk or answer their phones. There are no laptops, espresso machines, dishes clanking, or people walking around.

I have heard some of the jazz groups I enjoy most around Boulder and also at Dazzle. The difference was astonishing. At Dazzle, an excited and conspiratorial energy flows between the musicians and the audience. The musicians seem to choose a wider and more expressive range of music than when they are hired to be background music. They also look like they’re having more fun!

The jazz club experience is a win-win for everyone: musicians get to play what they want to play, the way the want to play it, they enjoy the energy and enthusiasm of a respectful, attentive audience, and they are paid decently (not just a few bucks out of a tip jar), while the audience can focus on listening to the music with no distractions.