Welcome Jazz Lovers!

To all jazz lovers, musicians and supporters -

My name is Christine Robertson, and nothing brings me as much joy as listening to live jazz. My mission is to promote the growth and reach of jazz music in Boulder. I founded Jazz In Boulder to seek out like-minded jazz musicians and aficionados. If you love jazz as much as I do, let’s grab a cup of coffee and see how we can work together to make Boulder an epicenter for live jazz.

Six Core Intentions of Jazz In Boulder
  1. To create opportunities for musicians to play in settings where they are respected, listened to, and paid decently;
  2. To create what we call “the jazz club experience” for jazz fans: listening-room shows in inviting settings where the music doesn’t have to compete with phones, talking, laptops, and espresso machines;
  3. To support jazz students at all levels;
  4. To support institutions that teach jazz, from the Colorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts, to high schools and universities, especially CU-Boulder;
  5. To cultivate new jazz fans, especially among twenty-somethings, by exposing them to great jazz at popular venues and free outdoor events;
  6. To enrich the larger Boulder community by bringing jazz back into public awareness and establishing Boulder as a center for first-rate jazz.

A jazz club of our very own in Boulder would best serve all of these intentions, and while that is our ultimate objective we’re open to pursuing others as well.

Please sign up for our mailing list — we send out a weekly calendar of Boulder jazz events as well as information about upcoming Jazz in Boulder shows and jazz jams.